Hi! I'm Manolis

Software Engineer


I'm Manolis Vrondakis. I'm a full stack developer.
You can E-Mail [email protected] if you want to chat, or you can visit my GitHub profile here. Below are some of my projects.

VXDonation - A popular website created from scratch to help people monetise online game servers. Includes a powerful control panel and an easy setup, it has since sold over 700 copies and processed over $100,000 worth of donations. It is currently sold commerically here.

Coderflow - An open marketplace designed to help developers sell gLua scripts. It also allows developers to host free scripts.

Syndicate RPG - A commercial $35 mmorpg gamemode for Garry's mod. Uses 30000 lines of Lua code to create custom UI, inventory, equipment and crafting systems, beautiful artwork plus much more. It is currently sold commerically here.

Knock knock... Who's there? *very long pause* Java!