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Manolis Vrondakis

Full stack software developer based in London, UK

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About me

I've been programming since 2008 and love to work with new and emerging technologies. I created and sold my first product (VXDonation) in 2014 and have continuously worked on web, mobile, and software development ever since. I've created a wide range of projects, from mobile apps to DIY internet connected microwaves! I can make your project idea a reality, whether it's a static website, web service, mobile app, program, or anything in-between. I focus on enabling an excellent user experience and building top-quality APIs while also delivering a fast turnaround.

As well as working full time, I continuously work on personal projects and have released multiple high-quality and large scale products throughout the years. These include internal notification management SaaS Notiversal, popular mobile app SHUBetter which is used by over 15,000 students, and Internet-of-Things platform VIoT. More of my projects can be viewed here.

I'm currently available for new projects. Please email me at [email protected] with any ideas you may have! Below are just some of the languages, frameworks and technologies I'm familiar with.

  • TypeScript & JavaScript (ES2021+)
  • NodeJS (Express, NestJS)
  • React & React Native (NextJS, Expo, React Query, Redux, Chakra, Native Base)
  • Postgres / MySQL / Mongo
  • Jest
  • Git
  • Github Actions / Drone / Jenkins
  • Java
  • Android
  • Python
  • Lua
  • Selenium & Cypress

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A collection of some projects I've worked on. Includes everything from mobile apps to music visualisers!

Other projects

Manolis Vrondakis

React Templator

React Templator is a lightweight library for automatic form generation and validation in React & React Native.

Define form schemas using your own components and have error handling, layout, auto-refocus and more handled for you.

Manolis Vrondakis

ZAP Pipeline Plugin

Jenkins plugin that lets you control OWASP ZAP through Jenkins in pipeline workflows, and generates a report showing new alerts when compared to previous builds.

The plugin has the ability to fail a build with configurable failure parameters, filters out false positives and displays a graph which shows the amount of ZAP alerts across your builds.

Manolis Vrondakis


A donation system product created from scratch to help people monetise online game servers with a powerful control panel and easy setup. Users can purchase the product, host their own donation page on their website, and manage it all through the VXDonation website

After releasing in 2014, it has now sold over 1,000 copies and processed over $100,000 worth of donations.

Manolis Vrondakis

Syndicate RPG

A free MMORPG gamemode for a game called Garry's mod. Uses 30,000 lines of Lua code to create custom UI, inventory, equipment and crafting systems, quests, levelling, weapon and armour upgrades, player-created syndicate system, beautiful artwork plus much more.

Manolis Vrondakis

Dirty LEDs

An open source Python based LED strip music visualizer designed for strips of WS2812 LEDs.

Controllable via the VIoT platform and features a rich array of controls and interactive and non-interactive effects, including scroll, fade, energy, wave, reactive runner, gradient, mood, auto, sleep and many more!

Manolis Vrondakis


An open marketplace website designed to help developers sell gLua scripts.

It was comprised of a large variety of features including a marketplace with automatic DRM, media, comments, ratings and more. It also featured a job posting and applying system, a customer support ticketing system, a forum, news and announcements page, and an admin system. It was created from scratch in 2016 in PHP and AngularJS.

Coderflow is currently offline.

Manolis Vrondakis


A prototype project that used news sources and twitter along with IBM Watson to predict the value of the stock market based on sentiment analysis with IBM Watson. Made as part of a university group project. We were later invited and gave a talk at IBM's Big Data meetup in London about the project.

IBM Watson

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My Resume

04.1. Work experience

2020 - Present Intech Ventures
Starting as a Full Stack software engineer and quickly becoming lead frontend developer (Still working full stack) at startup accelerator Intech Ventures.

I worked on a variety of projects primarily using NestJS, React, React Native. Working on all aspects of the software development process from initial prototyping, wireframes, development, deployment and maintenance - including managing projects and other team members.
2020 - Present Orange Byte
Founder of Orange Byte - a software development company focussing on SaaS products.
2019 - 2020 Sheffield Hallam University
I worked part-time as a student mentor at Sheffield Hallam University. This involved hosting drop-in sessions to help students with their assignments and answer any programming related questions they had.
2018 - 2019 Barracuda Networks
I worked as a Software Engineer at Barracuda Networks, working on their IoT Connect firewall management software. I also worked on various other projects using Java Spring Boot, React, Go, and more.
2014 - 2019 Self Employed
I worked as a sole trader doing freelance work and creating and selling addons for a popular online game. I sold over 3,000 copies of my software and resolved over 1,000 support tickets with customers.

04.2. Education

2016 - 2020 Sheffield Hallam University
I studied for 3 years and completed year in industry at Barracuda Networks as part of my course at Sheffield Hallam University. I achieved a First Class Honours degree in Software Engineering.